Our Mission: To Support the Curry Health Network and the delivery of health service throughout Curry County by the soliciting, holding, and granting of funds for use toward healthcare needs in our community.

Founded by dedicated volunteers in 1995, the Curry Health Foundation, a non-profit, public foundation, is approved as a 501(c)3 charitable organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

The Foundation raises funds and makes grants to qualified health care organizations, which provide services and programs to Curry County residents.  It has supported health care services from Brookings to Langlois and has helped health care programs for seniors, children, women, and men as well as aiding many emergency, respite, long term, preventive and critical care programs and providing for new technologies.  In addition, the Foundation provides continuing financial support to the Curry General Hospital Health Network with facilities and services in Brookings, Gold Beach and Port Orford.

These grants have furthered our dual goals of enhancing the current level of health care and safeguarding the quality of health care for the current residents and future generations of Curry County residents.

We are governed by an independent, self-perpetuating, working Board of Directors currently consisting of 20 members. Sixteen are community and business leaders and four are ex-officio and recommended by the Curry Health District Board, Curry General Hospital Health Network Management Council, Curry Health Network medical staff, and Curry General Hospital Auxiliary.

With only a part-time Coordinator and a working board, the administrative expenses are kept to levels below those recommended by the American Institute of Philanthropy. The Board is composed of several working committees, including executive, finance, fundraising, planned giving, publicity, board recruitment, and nominating committees. These committees may be augmented by other volunteers, as well.

Currently, the Foundation's grant process awards about $30,000 annually to qualified non-profit health care organizations serving Curry County.  Over $800,000 has been distributed to dozens of organizations over the past decade.

This activity is funded primarily by earnings from our Endowment Fund as well as annual fund raising events and the annual direct appeal letter.  On average, another $25,000 to $75,000 is also received annually for specific uses by Curry General Hospital and other Curry county heath care organizations.  The Foundation’s Endowment has now reached about $300,000. The Endowment's investment advisors are Edward Jones and the Oregon Community Foundation.

The Foundation has also been recipient of grants including those from the Oregon Community Foundation for planned giving initiatives and education and from the Coos-Curry-Douglas Regional Investment Board for the development of this website.

If you would like to further the activities of the Foundation, please see Make a Gift or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or call us about volunteer activities.