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Everyone had a great time!  That's the report from the very first annual Golf 'Fore' Health tournament hosted by Curry Health Foundation and Curry Health Network.  The weather was beautiful, the golfers ready, and the sponsors and volunteers present to make the day.  

Are you still suffering from WAY too much covid isolation? Need some fun and excitement?  Break FREE!! Get some sun at Salmon Run on Saturday, August 14th at the 2021 GOLF "FORE" HEALTH TOURNAMENT …and improve the health of your family, friends, and neighbors in Curry and Del Norte County while you’re enjoying yourself.


Over $26,000 Awarded to First Responders and Health Nonprofits in Curry County in 2020

Curry Health Foundation award recipients had no big event to celebrate this year; covid 19 meant awards were presented individually, outside in the fog, but no one seemed to mind. With the major fundraiser cancelled this year and with an emergency covid response grant added to the mix, Curry Health Foundation is just relieved to be able to help out the health community at all this crazy year. View a short video of the awards being presented Grant Awards Ceremony.

CHF ends Covid 19 Emergency Grants for 2020:

Curry Health Foundation has worked hard to fund our health partners in Curry County with our first ever Covid 19 Emergency Grants, a separate grant from our regular yearly grant cycle.
Since May this year, as Covid 19 was affecting the residents of Curry County due to restrictions and social distancing, Curry Health Network has given out over $7,000 in small grants to seven heatlth agencies to help these nonprofits assist those people most impacted.
You may have been one of those who received packaged meals from the Gold Beach Community Center or your child was given snack and activity bags from the Chetco Library to help them through the isolation in Brookings, or you may have a relative working at one of the nonprofits to whom we granted funds for PPE (personal protection equipment, like masks).
We are proud to partner with these tireless agencies who selflessly care for and support our most vulnerable friends and neighbors. CHF will continue to monitor the heatlh needs in Curry County and respond as much as possible to continue increasing positive health outcomes for you and your family. Thank you for your support!


If your non-profit has been affected by the COVID 19 virus response, we have small grants available for you.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Trust and numerous other donors, we have grants of up to $1,500 to help deal with the impacts of the pandemic.

These are quick response grants.  To apply, please send a narrative describing how your organization has been impacted.  Include the following in your narrative:

The Board of the Curry Health Foundation would like to express our sadness and loss in the passing of our long-time board member and friend, Dugie Freeman.  Dugie was dedicated to the people of Curry County, especially interested in promoting education and health.  He served on the hospital board and on the Curry Health Foundation board to tirelessly promote and support health initiatives. The board members as friends and colleagues remember Dugie:

Dugie will be missed.  I will miss his stories of Curry County and Dugie-isms at our morning coffee get-togethers.  He was always there if you needed help with anything.  When I asked him how difficult it would be to make some big S's for the Soroptimist Building he jumped right in and took on the project.  Not only did we get the S's we got the whole word to hang on our building.  He was very generous in supporting the community by donating to scholarships, the hospital, Curry Health Foundation, the Southwest Oregon Children's Foundation and more.  He leaves behind many memories.  Leslie Smith, President

Something about Dugie’s smile just warmed my heart. It made me smile, there was just something very special about it. Terri Domanick, President

In this time of dire changes, Curry Health Foundation is of vital importance. We are the only Health Foundation in Curry County and this is a health crisis. CHF is focused now to find funding for supporting those organizations that will be pushed to the limits of their capacity, absorbing the fallout from this pandemic. Not only hospital and first responders, but those who take care of abused youth and families; it is a documented fact that domestic violence increases during recessionary times and now these at-risk families are further stressed by being sequestered together, the children cannot even escape to go to school if there is abuse at home.

 Unfortunately we are postponing until further notice.  

Agness  Agness Illahe Rural Fire Protection District $4,000 toward the purchase of MONITOR VI TWO-TONE PAGER and LIFEPAC AED. Julie Scherbarth accepting the grant. 
 CASA  CASA OF CURRY COUNTY $4,000 toward client ASSESMENT AND COUNSELING. Mona Chandler accepting the grant.
 Cedar Valley  Cedar Valley Fire Department $2,807.98 to be used toward 2 AEDs. Wade Hooey accepting the grant.
 GB fire dept less pixels Gold Beach Fire Department $3776.90 be used for ITEMS TO COMPLETE 4 MASS CASUALTY/ACTIVE SHOOTER RESPONSE BAGS. Tyson Krieger accepting the grant.
 hospital less pixels  

CHD Cardiac Department $4,000 towards the purchase of an ELLIPTICAL CROSS TRAINER and a LIFESPAN UPRIGHT BIKE.

CHD Laboratory Services $1,499 for a PHLEBOTOMY CHAIR.

CHD Pulmonary Department $2,500 towards the purchase of a PHYSIOCYCLE UPRIGHT BIKE and a NONIN 3150SK Starter kit. Virginia Williams, CHN CEO accepting the grant.

PO Police less pixels Port Orford Police Department $886 to be used to purchase FIRST RESPONDER MEDICAL KITS. Officer Michael Brace accepting the grant.
Search and Rescue less pixels Curry County Search and Rescue  $3,516 to be used to purchase ROPE RESCUE AND PATIENT TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT. Tad Bell and Sheriff Ward accepting the grant.
Senior Center less pixels Gold Beach Senior Center $4,000 to be used toward the purchase of a commercial range.  Jim Lee accepting the grant.
SWOCC less pixels SWOCC $4,000 to be used toward the purchase of HEALTH LAB-IV PUMP. Judy Dornbeck and Joannie Miller accepting the grant.
Wallys House less pixels Wally's House Child Advocacy Center $4,000 to be used for INITIAL INTAKE, ASSESSMENT AND EARLY THERAPY. Jackie Antunes accepting the grant.