Dugie Freeman

The Board of the Curry Health Foundation would like to express our sadness and loss in the passing of our long-time board member and friend, Dugie Freeman.  Dugie was dedicated to the people of Curry County, especially interested in promoting education and health.  He served on the hospital board and on the Curry Health Foundation board to tirelessly promote and support health initiatives. The board members as friends and colleagues remember Dugie:

Dugie will be missed.  I will miss his stories of Curry County and Dugie-isms at our morning coffee get-togethers.  He was always there if you needed help with anything.  When I asked him how difficult it would be to make some big S’s for the Soroptimist Building he jumped right in and took on the project.  Not only did we get the S’s we got the whole word to hang on our building.  He was very generous in supporting the community by donating to scholarships, the hospital, Curry Health Foundation, the Southwest Oregon Children’s Foundation and more.  He leaves behind many memories.  Leslie Smith, President

Something about Dugie’s smile just warmed my heart. It made me smile, there was just something very special about it. Terri Domanick, President

I met Dugie first at an open house at his shop, then a second time when I bought property from him and later I worked on the hospital board with him for a short time, and then the CHF board. Dugie always said exactly what he thought rather than just going along with what is said like other people do; I found that refreshing.  He was charming, polite and quiet but he would speak up if he disagreed or had something to say. He impressed me; always honest and forthcoming.  With Dugie, you always knew where you stood with him. Behind the scenes, he gave more to people than anyone else, ever, in Gold Beach.  He was always willing to help out with people and things in the community. Behind the scenes, he contributed so much to the hospital and to the Foundation both as a member and a citizen.  DeAnna Craig

We’ll miss his always solid support for health and education in the community.  Steve Denny, Secretary

As a Rotarian Dugie personified the true meaning of Rotary.  He was most of the most caring generous individuals I have ever known and I feel truly blessed to have had him as a friend. Mary Stansell

Dugie was a generous member of the CHF Board of Directors. I’ve known and admired his contributions to our community for many years. Then he joined our “Coffee Crowd” and I enjoyed all his history of the area from Powers to Gold Beach. I’ve never known anyone quite like Dugie. He will be missed. Cathy Kelly

Rest in Peace, Dugie. Thank you for your years of selfless service to Curry County and our deepest condolences to your family. We hope to continue your legacy.

Curry Health Foundation is a 501.c.3. dedicated to promoting the mental and physical health of the people of Curry County.