Tu Tu’ Tun

CHF Patrons Feted at TuTu’Tun in February of 2008
Story and Pictures by Moira Fossum
Dateline 2/24/2008  

It all began in 1996 when healthcare-minded individuals banded together to form the Curry Health Foundation (CHF). It received its first big donation of $100,000 from a Brookings donor in 1999 that gave it the beginnings of an endowment fund. The following year Central Curry Ambulance Association disbanded and gave its remaining funds to CHF, which gave the CHF endowment fund a tremendous boost. What that group has done with the initial “seed” money is truly amazing. 

On Sunday, February 24, 2008, the fabulous Tu Tu’Tun Lodge was the site of a celebration to honor and formally recognize donors who have made contributions that qualify them for various levels on the newly created Patron Board. Jim Gardner, Founding President of CHF, and Sharon Zuber, Founding Board member, told the assembled group of the proud history of the organization. Dale Thomas, Past President of the Board, showed off the new Patron Board and thanked Leone Sharp for all her efforts to make the Patron Board happen. 

It’s a work of art, with the different levels of donations and names of donors engraved into brilliant green and soft cream shades of marble. The Patron Board will soon be prominently displayed in the main lobby of Curry General Hospital. According to Thomas, “This truly impressive group of donors shows positive and enthusiastic support for our community.”  Thomas quoted from a recent study by the Corporation for National and Community Service, “The study found that folks who generously support charities with both funds and time are repaid with a “donor and helpers high.” He added that they actually enjoy better health than the average person. 

The Oregon Community Foundation manages the majority of the CHF endowment and has also funded two grants to the Curry Health Foundation. The OCF South Coast representative, Barbara Bauder, brought great news that the fund has done very well under OCF management! Grants Committee chair, Nancy Baum, explained how the Grant program works. Board President, Steve Denney, shared that the money from donors has enabled CHF to fund the following activities:

x-ray and cat-scan technologies, electric-adjustable beds and beds that can weigh patients, early prenatal care, newborn hearing analyzers, children’s exam equipment, vaccinations for volunteer emergency workers, educational materials for a myriad things such as diabetes and breast cancer,  of cardiac care equipment, cancer screening, vision and dental evaluations,  hearing and blood pressure checks, equipment and services for homebound Seniors.  The grants further fund procedures such as cancer screenings, vision and dental evaluations and hearing and blood pressure checks.  Also funded are both bladder and colon screening. 

Speaking of these screenings, President Denney reminded the group, “If you’re over 55, get’r done!” 

The nine corporate sponsors also received a huge thank you. They are Cal-Ore Life Flight, Chetco Federal Credit Union, Coos-Curry Electric, Corner Drug, Daryn Farmer State Farm Insurance, Freeman Marine, MAIL BOAT / HYDRO-JET TRIPS, C&K Markets, Inc. (Ray’s Markets) and Zuber Logging.   

Other special thanks went to Laurie and Dirk Van Zante, owners of Tu Tu’Tun Lodge for the repeated use of the Lodge for CHF events and for being donors. Kudos went to the CHF organizing committee. 

The door prize of a beautiful basket from “The Destination Store”, Corner Drug, was much appreciated by winner, Past Board member Roger Davis. Bill McMillan, new board member and CEO of Curry Health Network, was welcomed, as was Jean Murphy, Coordinator of Curry Health Foundation. Patti Burfield was also in attendance, as her program of a Respite Care Center was the very first CHF grant recipient! 

It was a beautiful day at the World Renowned Tu Tu’Tun Lodge and the assembled folks all rushed home to write their next CHF donation checks!